Isaac II Angelos

Isaac II Angelos
   Emperor (q.v.) from 1185-1195, and again from 1203-1204. His general Alexios Branas (q.v.) repulsed William II's Normans (qq.v.) in 1185. However, thereafter his reign was characterized by drift and decline. While he sold state offices and renovated the Great Palace (q.v.), Alexios Branas revolted (1187), and had to be defeated by Conrad of Montferrat (q.v.). In that same year an expedition failed to recover Cyprus from Isaac Komnenos (qq.v.). The Vlachs and Bulgarians (qq.v.) revolted under Peter of Bulgaria and Asen I (qq.v.). In 1190 Isaac II vainly resisted the passage of Frederick I Barbarossa during the Third Crusade (qq.v.), in obligation to Saladin (q.v.). Frederick I's occupation of Adrianople (q.v.) brought Isaac to heel. In 1195 Isaac was overthrown and blinded by his brother Alexios III (q.v.). Eight years later he was placed briefly on the throne with his son Alexios IV (q.v.), only to be overthrown the following year by Alexios V (q.v.).

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